Saturday, January 30, 2010


What a week... first I had a little stomach virus, was able to get through it and actually went to work. Then it spread... my wife, my son, my wife's family. So I had to take a day off from work, not because I was sick but because my wife and her family were sick!

Anyway, I am now a subscriber to It is really pretty cool. I am able to basically bring all of the websites that i might want to read on a given day to me rather than looking for them. I was even able to have folders for different types of sites. and among others are in the sports folder. I have a news folder, and a politics folder. I also have some other folders from other websites like celebrity news, music news, and even one for my classmates news. It was real easy to set up and I am sure it will help me find some articles that I want to read, and probably some I don't. either way I won't have to waste as much time looking for those articles. This internet thing is actually pretty cool. i think it might stick around.

Oh and here is a the link to my blogrole...

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