Friday, January 15, 2010


Finally Friday!
An I-pod Friday as well. This is where my students in my classroom get to listen to their music while they finish their work. It is extremly quiet, maybe because I have my I-pod on as well. Only one ear though, so I can hear the cries for help!
Tony Gwynn spoke at the Baseball Coaches Clinic last night, unfortunately I wasn't there. Would have liked to hear him speak.
My wife is amazed at our son... my 2 year old knows our phone number. I think he learned it from listening to me order breakfast and dinner on the weekends. He is a smart little squirt.
Three day weekend coming up, lots of work to do. Gotta switch out some light fixtures, fix the sink, and complete some school work for my masters. Monkey Business tonight with the wife and son, gonna be fun, he loves that place. I'll post some pictures when I get to it this weekend!

Have a good weekend and enjoy!


  1. Tony Gwynn one of the best hitters of all time. I am Padre fan so of course I root for him. Good luck with the program and great blog
    Ernie Rodriguez

  2. When I was in the classroom, I too let my students listen to iPods at certain times. I never understood how teachers could insist upon such loud silence in order for students to concentrate. When students are home do they really shut out all noise? No, of course not! They're listening to iPods, radio, tv, siblings playing, etc. Thank you for being a teacher who lives in the real world!